Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Prayer for Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“For This Reason”

We thank you, Lord, for our consciences, and we ask you to cause them to have a realistic and rational effect on our moral and ethical decisions.

We also ask you to cause a conscience to take root in those who seem to lack one.

May our realization of our sins cause us to repent and to ask for your help in going in a different and better direction; may it not cause us to be so guilt-ridden that we become obsessive and delusional.

Give us a clear and rational acceptance of the way things are with us and inspire us to seek and to accept your forgiveness. Protect us from refusing forgiveness and from letting our sin and guilt separate us from reality.

Remind us that your grace, while unbelievably abundant, is not unbelievable.


“At that time Herod the ruler heard reports about Jesus; and he said to his servants, ‘This is John the Baptist; he has been raised from the dead, and for this reason these powers are at work in him.’ For Herod had arrested John, bound him, and put him in prison on account of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, because John had been telling him, ‘It is not lawful for you to have her.’” (Matthew 14:1-4)

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