Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Prayer for Sunday, January 1, 2012

“He Gave Him No Answer”

Teach us, O God, that sometimes, no matter what we say, it will make no difference; remind us, O God, that sometimes the minds of people are so made up or so closed or so open that even our truest words will not matter and that the greatest truth will be expressed through silence.

Teach us, O God, of the wisdom of silence; show us, O God, when it is best not to say a thing, even to defend ourselves.


“Now Jesus stood before the governor; and the governor asked him, ‘Are you the King of the Jews?’ Jesus said, ‘You say so.’ But when he was accused by the chief priests and elders, he did not answer. Then Pilate said to him, ‘Do you not hear how many accusations they make against you?’ But he gave him no answer, not even to a single charge, so that the governor was greatly amazed.” (Matthew 27:11-14)

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