Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Prayer for Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Who knows how many choices we will make today?

It must be in the hundreds if not the thousands; we will choose between pencil and pen, between coffee and tea, between yes and no, between this way and that way, between go and stay, between left and right, between a hurtful word and a helpful word—and so it will go, all day long, until we choose what time to go to bed.

We know and affirm, O God, that our choices matter, that whether we choose this or that impacts everything that will happen to us—and maybe to other people—afterward; help us to take our choices seriously—but with trust in you so that we will not obsess over the implications.

Give us faith to entrust every choice of our lives to you; give us confidence to choose boldly knowing that you are working your purposes out; give us grace to choose humbly since our choices don’t take effect in a vacuum but work in concert with many choices being made by many others.

Help us at the same time to use these marvelous brains that you have given us to make good, thoughtful choices and to use the ever-maturing faith that you give us to trust you to guide our way.


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