Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Prayer for Thursday, March 22, 2012


O God,

As best we can understand it, for you to be eternal means that you live outside of time—yet in your grace and love you have chosen to enter into time.

As is all too obvious to us, for us to be temporal means that we live inside of time—yet in your grace and love you have chosen to allow us to enter into eternity.

For now, though, we live with our sense of past, present, and future—of which we struggle to make sense.

Help us to assimilate our past appropriately—to practice repentance and not regret, to practice gratitude and not nostalgia, and to practice memory but not obsession.

Help us to anticipate our future appropriately—to practice hope and not escapism, to practice faith and not presumption, and to practice longing for home without homesickness.

Help us to embrace our present appropriately—to practice presence and not absence, to practice attention and not diversion, and to practice life and not death.

For the opportunity and the challenge to live in the creative tension of living the temporal life and the eternal life, we praise you, O God.


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