Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Prayer for Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sometimes, O Lord, it hurts.

Sometimes our bodies hurt because of injury or illness.
Sometimes our joints hurt because of work or exercise.
Sometimes our heads hurt because of thought or stress.
Sometimes our hearts hurt because of loss or betrayal.
Sometimes our spirits hurt because of sympathy or empathy.

We thank you that usually, with time or treatment, our hurts subside or disappear.

Sometimes, though, we are too anxious to rid ourselves of a particular pain. Give us wisdom to know when a pain is best left alone because it teaches us something that we need to know, such as the true cost of being a human being or the true cost of being a follower of Jesus.

It can be good to be rid of a pain.
It can be helpful to be ridden by a pain.

It can be love to share a pain.

Help us, O Lord, to evaluate and to deal with our pains in the ways that best befit a disciple of the One who showed us how to love through the sharing and bearing of pain.


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