Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Prayer for Tuesday, September 25, 2012


O God,

Sometimes someone disappoints us. Sometimes we disappoint someone else. Sometimes we disappoint you.

That is, sometimes we fail to live up to who we are; sometimes we fail to live up to the expectations of others—or to the expectations of the Other.

Help us to have expectations of others that are reasonable; help us not to have expectations that are so high that no one could live up to them.

Help us not to be captive to the expectations of others; help us to meet our responsibilities but not to let someone’s unrealistic expectations cause us to feel like perpetual failures.

Help us to perceive your expectations of us; help us to know your grace and love and to be helped by your Spirit so that we can grow, naturally and constantly, toward who you mean for us to be.

Cause us to realize the genuine nature of disappointment when best expectations—those that only want what is best for someone—are not met.

When someone genuinely disappoints us, give us grace to hold accountable, to forgive, and to encourage.

When we genuinely disappoint someone, give us grace to be held accountable, to forgive ourselves, and to be encouraged.

When we disappoint you, give us grace to realize our responsibility and your forgiveness and to grow through the experience.


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