Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Prayer for Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Sometimes, O Lord, we get to thinking that there must be more to it all than we are seeing or experiencing. We get to thinking that way when, for example, our life feels routine, our efforts seem fruitless, or our relationships are disappointing.

Do not, O Lord, allow us to fall prey to despair.

Instead, help us to see our lives, regardless of how we feel about them at any given moment, as the great gift that they are. Help us always to see our lives as an opportunity to know and love you and to know and love other people. Help us to realize that there is more to our lives than we in our frustration are sometimes able to perceive.

Help us to live fully where we are; help us to see the more right here that we may be missing.

At the same time, give us broader vision that we might come closer to seeing reality the way that you see it. Help us to see the wonder of the universe, the beauty of the earth, the power of grace, the limitlessness of love, and the glory of eternity. Give us the imagination to get at least a glimpse of how wonderful it really all is.

Help us to live beyond where we are; help us to see the more that lies just beyond our normal field of vision.


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