Monday, January 14, 2013

A Prayer for Monday, January 14, 2013


This week, O God, we will once again live in a world that is full of contention, suffering, and pain. We do not ask you to bless our sometimes failure to pay attention to and to immerse ourselves in the travails of the world so as to participate in what you are doing to overcome them. We do not ask you to give us permission to escape our responsibilities nor to give us peace if we do.

Much of what goes on around us is just not funny.

Much of what happens to us is just not funny.

And yet—not everything that we regard as a major crisis is in fact major and sometimes it is not even a crisis. Give us discernment to know the difference.

Where it is possible and appropriate, O God, help us to treat our lives with a light touch and with a sense of humor. Give us grace not to take ourselves too seriously; give us grace not to laugh at others inappropriately.

Thank you for a sense of humor; this week may ours become more evident and more mature.


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