Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Prayer for Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seventeenth Day of Easter/Day after the Boston Marathon Bombing

O God,

Here in the midst of our celebration of life and love, death and hate have reasserted their continuing influence. We are reminded by yesterday’s attack on the people gathered for the Boston Marathon of just how desperately people need your life and your love.

Those whose loved ones were killed need your life and love.
Those who were injured need your life and love.
Those who responded and who are still responding need your life and love.
Those who are trying to find out who did this terrible thing need your life and love.
The one or ones who did this terrible thing need your life and love.
All of us who are citizens of this nation and of this world need your life and love.

Help us to remember that such acts are the last desperate efforts of evil’s defeated and doomed regime. Help us never to forget that in the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ love and grace have won and will win. Give us trust that we might not be afraid to live life fully and boldly; give us love that we might be human enough to be vulnerable with each other; give us hope that we might keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Help us not to waste precious time and energy wondering and asking why such things happen; help us not to use our time and energy to curse the dark but to use them, since only light can dispel darkness, to light whatever candles we can light. Empower us to live so fully in your life and love that we naturally and habitually share them with other people.

Bless the people of Boston and all those affected by this tragedy with your strength as they rely on each other for help and support. Bless us right where we are that we might help each other in the hurts, betrayals, and tragedies that we and our neighbors are facing or will face. Cause us to be proactive in our love that we might thereby possibly prevent some tragedies as well as be ready for those that do come; when they do come, help us to be reactive in our compassion and assistance.

Sometimes we have no choice but to confront the beast; help us to do so in ways that will not cause us to become the beast. Show us how to overcome evil with good.

In Jesus’ name,


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