Friday, June 28, 2013

A Prayer for Friday, June 28, 2013

Choices, Part 20 (and Part Last)

O God,

Help us today to choose choosing over not choosing.

We acknowledge that there are many things over which we have no choice, that there are characteristics and situations into which we are born that we will do well to try to understand and to embrace rather than to try to change.

But we also acknowledge that there are many, many, many more situations and matters in which we do have a choice and in which our choices can and do make a difference.

Keep us alert to what is going on around us and in us; help us to be actively engaged and properly prepared so that we can make sound choices when opportunities to choose arise. Help us to know when we need to go with the flow and when we need to disrupt it, divert it, or dam it up.

And when we need to choose, give us the wisdom to choose well and the courage to choose at all.

Make us humble enough to know that our choices don’t make all the difference but make us rational enough to know that they can make a difference, involved enough to care about the difference they can make, and trusting enough to believe that they might contribute to the difference you want to make.


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