Friday, October 18, 2013

A Prayer for Friday, October 18, 2013


O God,

There are among us and around us many, many vulnerable lives.

Some of us give them no thought.
Some of us give them some thought but do nothing for them.
Some of us give them much thought and do something for them.
Some of us give them constant thought and do everything we can for them.
Some of us give them malicious thought and do what we can to hurt them.

Give us eyes that see.
Give us hearts that care.
Give us lives that share.

Drive away apathy.
Drive away selfishness.
Drive away cruelty.

Perhaps we will always have the uncaring and the cruel with us.
Perhaps the majority will always live as if nothing is wrong so long as they and theirs are all right.

If so, bless and empower with great grace and strength the few who keep their eyes, their hearts, and their lives open to the vulnerable among and around us.

But give us more people who think of protecting the vulnerable before they think of shielding the strong and who think of giving themselves away before they think of keeping themselves safe.

Give us more people who care …


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