Friday, November 8, 2013

A Prayer for Friday, November 8, 2013

All Three

O God,

We thank you that we blink our eyes around fifteen times a minute; we thank you that you designed us so that our delicate and vital vision organs can stay clean and lubricated. We thank you also for the complex neurological and muscular processes that occur each time we blink, even though we have no conscious awareness of those processes. They just happen—and we blink, as we are designed to do.

We have prayed this week that in all situations and circumstances, our first thought will be always of you, our second thought will always be of others, and our third thought will be always of ourselves.

Help us to grow in your design for us so that, while we think in all circumstances of you first, of others second, and of self third, it all happens like the processes that lead to a blink—swiftly, virtually simultaneously, and reflexively.

We acknowledge that unlike a blink, the processes that lead to such living do not come naturally to us and so we have to think about them and constantly ask you to develop them in us. But help us each day to grow toward the kind of integrity of being that can, by your grace, love, and Spirit, be ours.


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