Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Prayer for Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fourteenth Day of Lent

O God,

We are well aware of the chaos—

some of it comes from outside of us while some of it comes from inside of us;
some of it is imposed on us while some of it is self-inflicted;
some of it inspires us to action while some of it makes us want to run and hide.

Yes, we are well aware of the chaos; we know that it is not going to go away so long as we are of this place and time.

So please enlarge that place in us

where we can be still and quiet before you,
where we can rest in your love, and
where we can experience your constant presence.

We don’t ask to be spared from the chaos.
We do ask to have an internal place of calm, safety, and trust.

Thank you that it exists;
help it to become larger and more obvious.


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