Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Prayer for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Twenty-Fifth Day of Easter

O God,

It’s dark in a tomb;
it’s light outside a tomb.

So since you
have raised us
from death to life and
have taken us
from the darkness
into the light,
help us to walk
in the light.

Help us to walk.

When we were dead
in our sin we
could not even walk;
now we are alive
by your grace
so we can walk—
and run and jump!
Thank you
that we can walk,
that we can keep
moving forward;
cause us to take
full advantage of
the opportunity.

Help us to walk
in the light.

Thank you that
by your grace
your path for us
is bathed in your light.
Show us when
we veer off the path
you would have us walk;
let us be alert to
when we are treading
toward darkness.

Thank you that
you have released us
from the darkness and
have put us in the light.

Help us to walk
in your light.


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