Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Prayer for Wednesday, June 11, 2014


O God,

Guard us against
knee-jerk reactions and
unthinking actions.

Help us always
to be aware of
what motivates us
to think what we think,
to feel what we feel,
to react like we react,
to respond like we respond,
to say what we say,
to do what we do, and
not to do what we don’t do.

Give us insight
into our motives;
help us to be aware of and,
as necessary,
critical of and
repentant for
the reasons that
we are like we are.

Help us to grow
closer to you and,
by the grace and power
of the Holy Spirit in us,
to grow toward having
our one and only motive
be to do your will
by loving you with
everything we are and
by loving other people in
ways that are for their good.

Enlarge that one motive
in us until there is
no room for any others.


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