Monday, September 29, 2014

A Prayer for Monday, September 29, 2014


O God,

We stand in awe of the truth that you are eternal; indeed, it is impossible for us in our mortality to get our minds around it and so all we can do is to praise you in light of it.

As best as we can tell, for you to be eternal means that you exist outside of time. Therefore, for you there is no past, present, and future; for you, it is all of one piece. Again, our minds are boggled and all we can do is to praise you.

To know you and to know your Son whom you have sent is eternal life; so your Book tells us. Even now, then, because of your grace in allowing us to know you, we are already living the eternal life. Again, our minds boggle and we must praise you.

It seems to us, though, that to have eternal life could mean that we are better able to see life as you see it and to evaluate events as you evaluate them. Insofar as such insight is available to us, we praise you for it and we ask you to help us to grow in it and to take full advantage of it.

Help us to live fully in the moment in which we find ourselves but help us also to live in it light of the big picture—in light of the eternal picture.


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