Monday, September 8, 2014

A Prayer for Monday, September 8, 2014


O God,

Work in us by your grace
and through your Spirit
to orient us toward life
and not toward death.

Help us to see that for those
who are willing to risk it,
the living of life continuously
opens up to new possibilities
and to ever broadening

Help us to grow away from
our tendency to let our fears
cause us to limit our lives
to that with which and
to those with whom
we are comfortable,
to that with which and
to those who
do not challenge us,
to that which and
to those who
keep our perspective limited,
our minds narrow,
our lives small.

Help us to live with
an orientation toward life
that causes us to experience
life more and more fully
and more and more broadly
so that when the gift of
our sojourn on Earth is over,
we will be ready for
and not surprised by
the indescribably broad vistas
and unlimited possibilities
that lay before us.


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