Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Prayer for Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Lord’s Day

O God,

We are coming out of a week
in which we have done too much
in which we have done too little.

We have done too much
to try to make our own way,
to try to justify our attitudes and behaviors,
to try to think less of others so we can think more of ourselves,
to try to maintain the illusion that busyness equals necessity.

We need to rest, O God.

We need to step aside,
to honor you,
to let the world run without us,
to gain some perspective on our place in the world.

We have done too little
to develop our trust in you,
to grow in your grace,
to be still and know that you are God,
to think more of others than we do of ourselves,
to look for ways to serve rather than for ways to be served.

We need to reflect, O God.

We need to step aside,
to worship you,
to seek your forgiveness,
to submit our lives to your will and way.

Thank you for this Lord’s Day.

Let it be a day in which we learn
how better to live in light
of who you are
of who we are—and aren’t.


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