Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Prayer for Thursday, October 16, 2014


O God,

I don’t have enough faith, I don’t have enough love, and I don’t have enough hope to expect that my prayer will be in any way effective. I simply don’t have in me what I need to come before you with the expectation that you will hear my prayer.

I am helpless before the big problems, before the ultimate questions, and before the great unknowns; I cannot help myself and I do not deserve your help.

It is the truth; help me to acknowledge and accept it.

Having acknowledged and accepted my helplessness, I come to you. I come to you because I have nowhere else to go. I come to you because no one else can help me. I come to you because it is not what is in me but rather what is in you that causes you to hear and answer my prayer. I come to you because it is not for my sake but for Jesus’ sake that you hear and answer me.

I am helpless.
Please help me.
Thank you …


(Note: this prayer is inspired by the book Prayer by O. Hallesby)

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