Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Prayer for Tuesday, November 11, 2014


O God,

For those who have served and who are serving in the armed forces, we give you thanks.

Thank you for the ways in which they have given and give of themselves in order to secure and to protect the liberty that we enjoy here in America. We are grateful for the sacrifices that they and their families have made and are making that they might be in a position to protect and defend us.

Thank you for the ways in which so many of our veterans continue to live and serve following their military service; we are grateful for the love they offer their families and for the service they continue to render in their communities.

Help those veterans who are struggling; some of them will deal for the rest of their lives with physical injuries sustained in combat while others are dealing with mental and emotional issues in the wake of their service. Bless and strengthen them and their families; inspire us to offer all of the help and support that they need.

While we thank you that our veterans have fought when necessary in order to restore peace, we also thank you for the ways in which their very presence helps to maintain and preserve peace.

Thank you also for those who, while not in the military, give of themselves in order to promote peace and to avoid and limit the need for war. Thank you for our government leaders, for our diplomats, for our emissaries, for Peace Corps volunteers, for humanitarian organizations, for Non-Governmental Organizations, for civic organizations, and for all other individuals and groups that work to promote international understanding and to improve international relationships so that war will be less necessary.

In whatever capacity and in whatever place we serve, O God, make us instruments of your peace.


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