Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Prayer for Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Third Day of Advent

O God,

On the one hand, forgive us for twiddling our spiritual thumbs when there is so much to do.

On the other hand, forgive us for doing so much without pausing to think and pray about whether we are doing the best things we can do in the best way we can do them.

Let our waiting for you be an active waiting. Let us live our lives fully and freely by your grace; let us grow in loving you with all we are and in thinking of others more than we think of ourselves. Let us do all that we can and should do to prepare ourselves and our world for your coming.

Let our waiting for you also be a reflective waiting. Let us open our lives up to you in prayer so that we can be guided by your Spirit in the ways that we should go; then give us the courage to go in those ways. Let us live in the best ways possible—ways that reflect our experience of and commitment to your love, grace, and mercy.

Show us how to be busy rather than just to look busy.


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