Friday, January 9, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, January 9, 2015


O God,

Help us to find an appropriate balance

between idealism and realism,
between freedom and responsibility,
between the one and the many,
between the eternal and the temporal, and
between conviction and openness.

Help us

to accept that which we should accept,
to strive for that for which we should strive,
to live with that with which we should live, and
to work to change that which should be changed.

Where our lives are out of balance, let them be out of balance because
we give more weight to grace, love, hope, mercy, trust, and peace
than we do to anything else and because
we give as little weight as possible—with no weight at all being our goal—
to fear, hate, apathy, revenge, and judgmentalism.

Show us how to have you at the center of
everything with which we deal in our lives.

Help us in all things to have as our aims
to love you with all we are and
to love others as we love ourselves.


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