Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Prayer for Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tenth Day of Christmas

O God,

We praise you that in the coming of Christ
you caused creation to turn the corner
toward the time when you will make
everything as it is meant to be.

We praise you that by your grace you
call us to be in on and to be a part of what
are doing in Christ to move
all things toward their goal.

Forgive us for when we forget what you are doing;
forgive us for when we fail to contribute to what you are doing;
forgive us for when we live as if we have no role in what you are doing.

Encourage us when we try but become discouraged;
empower us for the life you have given us to live;
enlarge our vision that we might better see your big picture.

Since in Christ you are bringing all things into
wholeness and unity, show us how to be people

who build up rather than tear down,
who help rather than hurt,
who are part of the solution rather than part of the problem,
who promote hope rather than despair,
who demonstrate love rather than hate,
who emphasize what unites us more than what separates us,
who listen more than we talk,
who practice humility rather than arrogance,
who work to make things better rather than complain about how bad things are,
who value others’ experience as much as we do our own, and
who trust in you rather than in our doctrinal systems, genetic inheritance, social circumstances, political positions, or anything else.

Oh God, help us to see and to participate in
what you are in Christ moving all things toward being.


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