Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fifth Day of Easter

O God,

Thank you for the new life—for the real life—that I have found in the resurrected Christ. Help me to affirm and to foster life in all that I say and do.

Don’t let me say or do anything that harms life and that contributes to death; don’t let me say or do anything that negates, lessens, or harms anyone’s life. Don’t let me participate, either through action or through a failure to act, in a mindset or life stance that treats any other person as less than your beloved child, as less significant than I am, or even as less than human.

Help me instead to see people as you see them; help me to see them as your beloved creation for whom Jesus died on the cross and to whom you offer through his resurrection a life that is full and free. Help me to be willing to give up my life—my pride, my self-centeredness, my arrogance—for their sake. Help me to want nothing less for them than the blessed life that I have been given through the resurrected Christ.

Remove death so far from me that I have none to inflict on anybody else.

Fill me so full of life that it overflows onto everyone I encounter …


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