Monday, June 15, 2015

A Prayer for Monday, June 15, 2015

Used (Part 2)

O God,

It is only natural that we get used to certain things;
it is only human that we grow accustomed to
what we encounter on a regular basis.

Sometimes, though, that to which we grow accustomed
is that to which we should pay the most attention.

We get used to those with whom we share the closest relationships—
but help us to tend carefully to those relationships.

We get used to your presence with us through your Spirit—
but help us to keep our spirits open to how you are leading us.

We get used to reading our Bibles—
but help us to keep our minds open to its guidance.

We get used to the crowds of people around us—
but help us to remember that the individuals in
those crowds both need and can share love.

We get used to the great needs of the world—
but help us always to do what we can to help.

Don’t let our familiarity
breed contempt or apathy.

Help us instead to pay close attention
to those who are and to that which is

always there.


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