Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, June 10, 2015


O God,

Help us to keep moving ahead;
help us to keep moving forward
so that our direction is always ahead.

Never let us retreat; even
when we take a step back,
let us then take two steps forward
so that we are always moving ahead.

And let the goal ahead of us be maturity;
let us always be heading toward becoming
the most complete version of ourselves
that we with your help can be.

Protect us from trying to get ahead;
guard us against letting our goals be
materialistic and our motivation egotistic.

Don’t let us want to have
more than others have;
don’t let us judge our success
by how much money we make
and how many things we own.

Let our aim be to give ourselves away
rather than to build ourselves up
and to share with others rather than
to hoard what we have for ourselves.

Who knows how much life
we have left ahead of us?
Help us to live it well.

Who knows when we will reach
what is ahead of us after we die?
Help us to live here in ways that
get us ready for what awaits us there.


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