Friday, July 31, 2015

A Prayer for Friday, July 31, 2015

Signs (Part Two)

O God,

As we travel down the road,
remind us to pay attention to the signs.

Help us pay attention to the “Yield” signs
that we encounter along the way.

Sometimes we need to
let someone go ahead of us.

We always need to let you go ahead
of us so that we can follow you.

If we become impatient and try
to get out in front of you, we’re
going to impede the flow of things.

We may even cause a pile-up.

We often need to let
someone else go ahead of us.

Sometimes we need to
let someone else lead.

Sometimes we need to
put someone else’s
needs ahead of ours.

Sometimes we just need to
stay out of the way.

To yield requires that we slow
down and look to see who’s coming,

that we use sound judgment
as to whether to stay or go, and

that we understand that
it’s not always our turn.

Give us wisdom and grace to
yield when we need to yield …


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