Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, July 23, 2015


O God,

I am the subject of
all of my actions.

I think what I think,
I say what I say,
I ask what I ask,
I decide what I decide,
I try what I try,
I do what I do,
I make what I make,
I break what I break,
I fix what I fix,
I fail when I fail,
I succeed when I succeed,
I lose when I lose,
I win when I win, and
I go where I go.

I am the subject of
all of my actions;
therefore, I am
responsible for
all of them.

Let me always remember
that my actions affect me
and many other people.

Help me always to consider,
to prepare, and to pray
before I do anything.

Remind me always to take
responsibility for my actions
and for their consequences.

I am who I am;
help me to be the
best version of
myself that I can be.


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