Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Prayer for Saturday, August 29, 2015

Instrument (Part Six)

O God,

Make us instruments of your love.

We praise you for the love you have for us.

We praise because your love is committed love;
we praise you because you are always faithful
to the relationship you choose to have with us.

We praise you because your love is sacrificial love;
we praise you because you choose
to give yourself away for our sake.

We praise you for Jesus Christ your Son and our Lord,
who is the epitome of your committed and sacrificial love.

We praise you that you have poured your love into our lives.
Fill us to overflowing so that your love will pour out of us and into others.

They’ll know we are your people by your love
that comes from you through us to them.

Let our love be committed love; let us be
consistent and faithful in our relationships.

Let our love be sacrificial love; let us put
others ahead of self so that we consistently
and gladly give ourselves away for their sake.

Lord, make us instruments of your love.


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