Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Prayer for Saturday, August 8, 2015

Signs (Part Nine)

O God,

As we travel down the road, remind
us to pay attention to the signs.

Help us to heed the signs that
tell us to watch out for pedestrians.

People cross our path all the time.
We don’t want to hurt them.

So help us

to watch out for them,
to make way for them, and
to avoid running over them.

Protect us from selfishness that causes
us to pay attention only to ourselves.

Protect us from carelessness that causes
us to inflict unintentional harm.

Let us do more than avoid hurting the
people who cross our path, though.

Let us watch for ways that we can help them
through whatever they’re going through.

Let us show love, grace, and mercy
to them at every opportunity.

Let us offer peace, hope, and joy
to them whenever we can.

Make us aware of people, O God.

Don’t let us hurt them.
Show us how to help them.


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