Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Prayer for Thursday, October 29, 2015

People (Part Four)

O God,

Thank you for people.

Thank you for the relationships
we have with some and for the
connections we have with all.

Thank you for the people
who are our adversaries.

Thank for people who, because
they have different experiences,
backgrounds, and perspectives, are on
a different side of issues than we are.

Help us

to listen to them,
to learn from them, and
to converse with them.

Remind us of how important
our adversaries are to us.

Help us to resist the temptation to talk and
listen only to those who agree with us.

If we need to move toward the
place an adversary stands on an
issue, give us grace to do so.

If we need to stand firm where we
are and to try to move our adversary
toward us, give us strength to do so.

Don’t let us sacrifice a relationship
for the sake of an opinion.

Don’t let us sacrifice a principle
for the sake of a relationship.

Help us to respect our adversaries.
Help our adversaries to respect us.


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