Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Barriers, Part Three

O God,

Just two more nights, and
Christmas will be here.

Remove those barriers that stand between
us and a full appreciation of Christmas.

Take away our need to stay really,
really busy as the day draws near.

We have a lot to do and most
of us enjoy doing most of it.

Still, sometimes we stay busy
for reasons that are not so good.

We may want to be admired for
doing more than everybody else.

We may want to avoid
remembering Christmases past.

We may not want to face our
doubts about what it’s really all about.

Give us grace to slow down—and even
to stop—so that we can reflect on the
joyous, mind-boggling, incredible,
unbelievable, life-changing, world-changing,
and mysterious event of the Incarnation.

Give us grace to slow down—and even
to stop—so that we can rest in the real
presence of Jesus Christ with, in, and
among us that brings us acceptance,
forgiveness, meaning, and peace.

Help us do what we really need to do.

Let us leave aside what doesn’t have to be done.

Let our Christmas be more about
who Christ is and who we are in
Christ than about what we do.


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