Monday, January 4, 2016

A Prayer for Monday, January 4, 2016

Eleventh Day of Christmas

O God,

We praise you because your fullness
was pleased to dwell in Jesus Christ.

We praise you because you dwell as
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in your Church.

Help us as your Church to live out your
presence in us in the same ways that
Jesus lived out your presence in him.

Help us to keep our goal always in mind.

For Jesus, the goal was Jerusalem.

His goal was to arrive at the place where
he would give himself completely away.

There was a goal beyond the goal. On the
other side of his crucifixion lay his resurrection.

All along the way to his ultimate goal,
Jesus gave himself away by loving and
helping the people that he encountered.

Let our goal be to give ourselves completely away.

Inspire us by the knowledge that on the
other side of crucifixion lies resurrection.

All along the way, lead us to give
ourselves away to love and help people.

Help us to keep our goal always in mind.


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