Monday, June 6, 2016

A Prayer for Monday, June 6, 2016

Learn (Pt. 1)

O God,

Help us learn what we need to learn to be who you intend us to be.

Help us learn from Jesus.

Thank you for the Gospels that teach us the essentials about Jesus. Thank you that we can read them and reflect on what he did and said. Thank you that the Gospel writers presented Jesus’ life and teachings in ways that addressed the needs of their particular audiences. Help us read what they wrote with an eye toward understanding what the life and message of Jesus mean to us in our time, place, and situation.

Thank you for your Holy Spirit who teaches us about Jesus. Thank you that the Spirit helps us understand what Jesus did and said and helps us interpret and apply his life and teachings to our lives. Thank you that the Spirit empowers us to follow and to serve Jesus.

We’ll never learn everything there is to know about Jesus.

Help us learn a little more every day. And let our lives reflect what we are learning.


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