Friday, July 8, 2016

A Prayer for Friday, July 8, 2016


O God,

Our society is so violent.

Why are people so afraid? Why do they assume the worst of others and see them as threats?

Why are people so angry? Why do they seek vengeance for real or perceived wrongs?

Why do people think violence helps anything? Why do they inflict pain and death on others?

Help us not to think and speak in clich├ęs. Help us instead to seek and face real explanations, complicated and troublesome though they may be. Help us instead to seek and work for real solutions, challenging and difficult though they may be.

Help us not to think in terms of them and us. Help us rather to accept our mutual responsibility so that we can together seek ways to make things better.

Help us do what we can.

But God, we need you. We need your grace, your guidance, your Spirit, your love, and your peace.

We who follow the Prince of peace need to be at peace so we can be peacemakers.

Help us all to turn to you.

If necessary, please help us despite ourselves.


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