Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Prayer for Saturday, August 6, 2016


O God,

The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Help everyone involved be safe. Protect them from sickness, from injury, and from terrorism.

It’s an interesting concept, Lord: the nations of the world come together to celebrate our common humanity by competing against each other.

Use the Olympics to help us think about which is more important and vital: our common humanity or our national identities.

Perhaps we can have it both ways, so long as we tilt in the direction that most benefits the most people.

After all, “U.S.A.” and “Planet Earth” have the same cadence. Maybe it comes down to which one we mean the most and chant the loudest.

The world comes together for the Olympics.

Help us come together for other, much more important things.


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  1. Amen ! David and I Love the Olympics & these Super Hard Working Athlets. We have been so Impressed lately by the Gymnasts & Swimmers & Divers !! Would be Amazing if all the Folks in all these Countries represented in the Olympics could get along as well as these athletes Do !! God Bless them every One; & help them to bring back a Wave of "Let's Get Along with all the Countries My Friends from this Olympics Come from !! David Tharp for Carol & David Tharp