Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Prayer for Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday

O God,

Give us courage to follow Jesus into Jerusalem.

He goes there to accomplish his mission.
He goes there to finish his work.
He goes there to accept his cross.

He goes there to die.

Today, we join those who sang praises to him as he entered Jerusalem. When they praised him as the one “who comes in the name of the Lord,” they were saying more than they knew they were saying.

They were saying more than they meant to say.
 They were saying other than they meant to say.

We should know. We should know that Jesus was a King

who served,
who sacrificed,
who gave, and
who died.

Help us follow our King.
Help us follow him into Jerusalem.
Help us follow him to the cross.

Help us take up our cross and follow him.
Help us give up our lives.
Help us practice love and grace through 

self-emptying, and 

They laid down palm branches and their garments before him.

Help us lay down our lives for him.


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