Friday, May 18, 2012

A Prayer for Friday, May 18, 2012


“We don’t get good reception,” we sometimes say, meaning that our cell phone or satellite television or wireless internet signal isn’t received clearly or well.

Give us good reception today, Lord—

--Open our spirits up to the leading of your Spirit,
--Make our hearts receptive to the impulses of your love, and
--Help our lives to be more sensitive to the signals of hurt and need emitted by people.

“We didn’t get a good reception,” we sometimes say, meaning that we were not received or welcomed as we would like to have been.

Help us to offer a good reception today, Lord—

--To those who are shunned or marginalized,
--To those who lonely or alienated,
--To those who are hurting or humbled.

If we happen not to get a good reception ourselves today because we manage to bear witness, by your grace and in your Spirit, to who Jesus is to us and in us—because we show mercy, kindness, and humility, for example—then help us to rejoice that in such moments you receive us gladly whether anyone else does or not.

And that is enough….


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