Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Prayer for Thursday, May 17, 2012


We use the word “portfolio” to refer to a collection of a person’s creative work, to a collection of investments, to the set of responsibilities that belong to a government cabinet member, or to a carrying case that contains documents.

O God, thank you for the identity, for the work, for the responsibilities, for the production, and for the possessions that constitute our personal portfolio.

O God, bless us in our role as a portfolio, for our lives are the containers of all that we are, of all that we do, of all that we have, and of all that we produce.

O God, we praise you for what you have to this point in our lives allowed and enabled us to accumulate; we praise you for all that we have to show for our working, for our loving, and for our living.

O God, as we add to our portfolio today, may we learn from and move beyond our worst, our best, and our middling efforts so that the portfolio of our life honors you and develops us.


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