Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Prayer for Tuesday, January 20, 2015


O God,

We want to be true to ourselves,
to who you made us to be,
to who you intend us to be, and
to who you saved us to be.

Give us courage to examine ourselves
honestly that we might know who we are;

give us insight to distinguish between our true self
and whatever false selves we have constructed
in our misguided efforts to hide our true self
from ourselves, from others, and from you.

Give us faith to trust you to remove our
false identities and to restore our true self;

give us a vision of who we can and will be as
we grow by your grace toward reclaiming your image in us.

Give us ever-increasing integrity so that
our words and actions will come from
sound motives that are produced by our true self
and so that our true self will grow more and more
into the one that is truly ours in you.


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