Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, May 27, 2015


O God,

Thank you for the opportunity that mid-week provides to stop and take stock, to evaluate the progress we’ve made so far this week and to realign and redirect as necessary for the rest of the week.

Help us to learn and to apply the lessons of mid-week to other aspects of our lives.

Sometimes we need to stop in mid-task to determine if we are doing the task well and whether it is worth doing in the first place.

Sometimes we need to stop in mid-sentence to ask ourselves if the way we intend to finish the sentence will build people up or tear them down.

Sometimes we need to stop in mid-thought to evaluate whether the place our mind is going is a place in which we really want to end up.

Sometimes we need to stop in mid-course to consider what brought us to this place and to make any needed adjustments to our trajectory.

We’re always in the middle of a lot of things, O God. Help us to take advantage of the perspective that comes from being in the middle to rethink, to reconsider, and to redirect for the sake of our faithful service to you, to our community, and to our world.


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