Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Prayer for Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best (Part Two)

O God,

Help us to do our best.

Help us to do with our might
what our hands find to do.

Help us to be reflective enough to
have an idea of what is worth doing.

Let us give our time, our attention, and our
effort to the things that are most important.

Let us leave undone what
doesn’t really need to be done.

Don’t let us substitute busyness with what is trivial
for engagement with what is necessary.

Help us to do our best at what is best to do.

Thank you for the abilities with which you have gifted us.

Thank you for the opportunities to develop
those gifts of which we have taken advantage.
Help us to keep growing; help us to keep
getting better at doing what we do best.

Keep us free from anxiety so we won’t waste
energy worrying that is better used working.

Give us grace to work hard but
to leave the outcomes to you.

Help us to do our best and
to trust you for the rest.


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