Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Prayer for Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Lord’s Day

O God,

We praise you for your great mercy. Our every sin offends your holiness, and yet you, in your great grace, forgive us.

Sometimes people offend us. Sometimes they do us wrong. Sometimes they hurt us.

Sometimes we fail to forgive. Sometimes we hold grudges. Sometimes we seek revenge.

Forgive us for our failure to forgive. Forgive us when we treat others in the opposite way from how you treat us. Forgive our hypocrisy. Forgive our lack of mercy.

But then help us forgive others with the mercy you have given us, because, if we are truly forgiven, we will forgive, and if we have really received your mercy, we will offer mercy. Give us hearts that want to forgive and that do forgive. Give us hearts so filled with mercy, we must show mercy.

We praise you for the great mercy you have shown us.

We ask for the grace to show great mercy to others.


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